PureBiotic® Mist - Allergy Free, Probiotic Environmental Control - Scent Free Spray
Fresh New Look ~ Same Great Results..!

NSF Certified - Hypoallergenic & Odorless
With No Artificial Scent or Colorants Added.


This is the evolution of the products that have been protecting your families, pets, homes, workspaces and your air for years from allergens and contaminants.  You may also have known our products as PIP Allergy Free, StaBiotics (Stabilized Probiotics) & Probiotic BioMist
Long Lasting Allergen Relief - Breathe Better - Medication Free! - Broad Spectrum StaBiotics! 

Control & protect your personal micro-environment with every spray of PureBiotic Mist as it immediately goes to work to remove harmful dust mite allergens, irritants, harmful organisms like mold & other contaminants - and keeps working for days after each application.  Just picture billions of friendly little micro "BioBots" keep constantly cleaning your living space for you and protecting you from harmful pathogens!  At the same time, this probiotic formula actually deconstructs the sources of odors - not just cover them up like other deodorizers... so there is nothing left to smell, giving you the added benefit of the best and safest possible deodorizer. It is unbelievable until you try it..!  Get long-lasting (up to 3 days) of ongoing protection as this hypoallergenic StaBioticformula actually works and cleans all the way down to the microscopic level, making it safer to touch the World around you again and reduces the risk of infections and other health problems.  PureBiotics is extremely effective and tough on germs, while also gentle and soothing on the skin. It is totally safe, used in drinking water and perfectly environmentally friendly. It is the key to a healthy home and all work areas.  Great for all types of surfaces, PureBiotics can be safely used on pillows & bedding and all upholstered surfaces for dust mite and other allergens, and it's beneficial for all areas of your home, office and virtually anywhere. University and hospital tested and approved, this StaBiotic™ formulation of probiotics that also work incredibly on surfaces in addition to in your gut, is now used in over 30 countries, is especially effective for healthier breathing and more restful sleep.  Get the peace of mind you deserve with long-lasting pure probiotic protection.

This probiotic formula is the key base of our Green Seal Certified Products.



    Protect With The Power of Broad Spectrum PureBiotics..!

* The same product comes in both, aerosol cans and non-aerosol bottles with fine mist sprayers. 

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