Sanigel Professional Probiotic Spray - 500 ml

Brand: PureBiotics & Chrisal

Product Code: SGGSN500 (P-60350-500m)

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Sanigel Professional Probiotic Spray is highly effective for cleaning and protecting heavily used surfaces such as:

- Bedpans, urinals, toilet seats, residual dirt in toilets
- Polished wood, granite, marble, counter-tops, glass surfaces
- Tiles, oven top, fridge and etc..

SaniGel eliminates stubborn dirt. Prevents unpleasant odors and introduces beneficial microflora to the cleaned surfaces.
Due to its gel form, Sanigel protects the surface for a longer period of time and more efficient action. It is safe to use on all washable surfaces.

Size: 500 ml
Item: P-60350-500m
Color: Natural

Note: The same SaniGel may come with different color labels depending on which filling line was used.  

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