Probiotic Floor Cleaner - Green Seal Certified

Brand: PureBiotics & Chrisal

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Probiotic Green Seal Floor Cleaner - Scent and Colorant Free - Low Foam & Concentrated

Do you want a safe floor for your kids to play? Our Green Seal certified floor cleaner will work does to the microscopic level to help you in providing your family with a safer environment. Suitable for all water-resistant surfaces it will keep your floor shining while protecting from harmful germs

Highly Concentrated - makes up to 100 gallons of cleaner 
& costs less than a penny per ounce!

  • Cleans surfaces right down to the microscopic level
  • Actively combats odors
  • Minimizes the risk of germs
  • 100% natural active ingredient
  • Enriched with active probiotics

This product has a beneficial effect on both people and pets, anti-allergenic and dramatically reduces the risk of allergies and infections. Safe for you, your family, and the environment.


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