The D-1 Degreaser & Heavy Duty Cleaner is extremely powerful, works rapidly and incredibly well.  Yet, it is also extremely "Green" and far safer than most other Degreasers.  It is used in a number of countries around the world and it is a "Must" for every production facility, garage, shop, and home.  

D-1 is NSF Certified for use in all food processing facilities, it cuts through grease, makes your equipment shine and is even one of the world's best stain removers and will take out wine and blood stains from clothing. Safe and easy to use, it has thousands of applications and for many years it has been used for everything from cleaning kitchens to cleaning jet aircraft for the military and many additional agencies and organizations.

  • “NSF Certified” - No Artificial Scent or Colorants Added.
  • Based on organic salts
  • Contains a high pH
  • Variable Dilution Rates
  • Removes Oil Stains 
  • Great at degreasing any engine
  • Works on all greasy tools and equipment
  • Especially useful for printing operations and will not ruin printing plates 
  • Amazing Spot Remover for a vast number of surfaces & materials
  • Eliminates a very wide range of Odors
  • Cleans Mold & Mildew 
  • Safe For Skin & Clothing*
  • Non-Volatile & Non-Flammable 
  • Virtually Odorless & Biodegradable
  • Special Non-Probiotic product to prepare surfaces for PureBiotics' Probiotic Cleaners