Stabiotic® Mist Liquid Probiotic Concentrate (PEC)

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Welcome to our magic formula now available for you.

StaBiotic® Concentrate is the concentrated liquid form of our probiotic formula in all of our Biotic Products, that has hundreds of proven applications ranging from allergy relief to odor removal. Drop using your chemically packed deodorizers that coat your nose receptors, alcohol mouthwashes, skin treatments and so many other chemical based products and let our registered StaBiotics® (Stabilized Proprietary Natural Probiotics) care and protect you by actually continuing to work for up to days at a time all the way down to the microscopic level eliminating contaminants, lowering your risk of allergens and infections. True Micro-Cleaning.

See some examples of how StaBiotics® can help you in your daily life at home and at the office. 

  • Allergy relief
  • Removes Dust Mite Allergens
  • Asthma relief - eliminates asthma triggers
  • Cleans & eliminates HVAC systems
  • Litter box deodorizer & protection
  • Protects your pets
  • Athletic equipment, clothing, gloves & gym bag deodorizer
  • Fabric deodorizer
  • Home refresher
  • Plus many more uses from one probiotic solution, please ask us if you have any questions

 “NSF Certified” - No Artificial Scent or Colorants (C1#151564)

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