Probiotic Hygiene and Care Home Spray - Scent Free - 200 ml (7.05 oz)

Brand: PureBiotics & Chrisal

Product Code: P-60900-S 200m-DL

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Probiotic Hygiene and Care Home Spray - Scent Free

“NSF Certified” - No Artificial Scent or Colorants Added.
Use: Safe on any wettable surface!

  • A perfect Stabiotic® solution for Probiotic hygiene and care!
  • Cleans down to the Microscopic Level while Balancing the Environment!
  • Minimizes the risk of infection by bacteria and dust mite allergy
  • Active Odor Control targeting the source without covering it up
  • Suitable for all types of fabric
  • Safe for all materials, families, and pets
  • Leaves a protective layer of beneficial organic stabilized probiotics
  • Works and protects for days after application...
Item Number: HM00P200
Size: 200 ml (7.05 fl oz)
Scent: Odorless - (Hypoallergenic)
Color: Free of colorants 

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