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After Almost 90 Years, Exchanges Alcohol and   Clorox For Probiotics..!

Most people never stop to think that the groceries they buy have been handled by many people who may have not washed their hands and it is amazing how dirt is carried into homes on shoes. Because of these and other such examples, all of my life I have been aware of how simple it is to pass on infections. Millions of people get sick each year thinking it is a “stomach bug” when it really is food poisoning. Therefore, for years I have always wiped down my groceries with alcohol and used Clorox to clean everything, though the fumes are horrible. Then, I switched to Vinegar, but the smell is not very pleasant either. Once I saw how simple and wonderfully probiotics worked and did a much better job of cleaning than all my other cleaners, I switched 100% to using these eco-friendly products and now never worry anymore. I also use the PureBiotic Mist (Allergy Free) on my bed to get rid of my nagging cough I have had for over 50 years.


Bobbe (Cocoa Beach, FL)

I am so impressed with your All Purpose Cleaner and allergy free spray!

I have suffered most of my life from asthma and severe allergies. In fact, I have been taking Allegra D 12 hour for the last 9 years daily! I got your products in the mail last week and after spraying my pillows for just a few days I tried not taking an Allegra pill before bed last night to see how I would wake up... I woke up without ANY ITCHING, PUFFY EYES and NO SNEEZING! It's a miracle! I've been a Medical Professional for the last 15 years. I even took the cleaning product to my job and cleaned around my desk and sprayed the allergy free spray around my area at work. NO SNEEZING and NO ALLERGY ISSUES! I am a true believer!

Thank you so much!

Prunchetta (NC)

Mother of three boys, one with asthma

Being the mother of three young boys, with lots of friends, meant that keeping the bathroom clean and smelling fresh became for me the ‘extreme challenge’ until these probiotic cleaners came into the picture. It is the only cleaner that I have found that really cleans away the bad smells in the bathroom.
More important, our three year old son suffers greatly from asthma, which obviously causes great distress in our family. Creating a healthy home for him has been my goal. These StaBiotic Cleaners and PureBiotic Mist - Allergy Free Spray have proved a God sent for me. I now only clean our whole house with these probiotic cleaners and spray not only our sons’ beds but even their clothes with the PureBiotic Mist and in times of sickness, their hands and skin. I have seen a real drop in the amount of our son’s asthma attacks – and I am now convinced that PureBiotics' ProBiotic is “ProHealth”!

Melanie (The Negev Desert, ISRAEL)

Physician & Wife Both Find Relief With Just A PureBiotic Mist Spray

I am writing this letter to tell you of the experiences my husband, Dr. Robert R. and I had with your spray product to help with allergies. I had been having problems with coughing and being congested for a very long time and could not get any relief no matter what I tried.
My friend with major breathing problems has been using Stabiotic Mist for the past year, spraying her bed, chairs, etc. and told me that she now almost no breathing problems and is able to sleep through the night. So she gave me a can and I followed her instructions and within days I was not coughing anymore and I was sleeping better. I have been using your products for several months now I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my chest.
My husband uses a special belt to help him shed weight and this belt caused a very nasty looking rash that would not go away. When he saw the results with the probiotic spray and asked me to spray him with it. I did and within a few hours the rash was gone! We were both amazed. Several weeks later he told me about a fungus on his toe that would not react to any type of treatment so we tried the Chrisal spray to see what it would do and by the next day it was gone! We both cannot thank you enough for this wonderful product. Very truly yours,

Roz R. (FL)

Really Amazing!

I absolutely Love these products..! I use them just about on everything. I put the Stabiotic Mist or Probiotic Environmental Control (PEC) in a spray bottle and carry around with me, spraying the door knobs before I touch it, the dog, and I even soak my feet in it, which has no discomfort, and it helped me with my yeast infection. All I did was mixed 6 teaspoons in 2 quarts of water. Then, also wash my partials with Probiotic Heavy Duty Cleaner. And I spray my bathtub with it too, and I don’t see any mold anymore.

Sandra (Ohio)

I'm looking forward to ordering more products.

I liked your products.
I use them at home and when travelling, to keep my place clean and bug/germs free,
Please keep me posted about your new products.

Ricardo (Upper Montclair, NJ)

Helped My Golden Retriever Much Better Than A $360 Vet Bill..!
Great news! My lovely dog, Lila Rose, was suffering from a very bad "allergic" condition on her abdomen and chest. She was treated off and on with Cortisone and Antibiotics for this very bad mange on her skin and the vet even once had her wear a cone, but it did not help.
Ever since we started using the "PureBiotic Mist - Allergy Spray" on Lila, she no longer has these allergies, and her abdomen and chest are free from breakouts. Most importantly we stopped giving her the medications ordered by the veterinarian. This product is amazing!
Thank you for introducing this to us! 

Clemencia S. (FL)

Asthma Sufferer No More

I have suffered from asthma for many years and have been on many medications. Any cold or flu can be a major problem for me. I have been instructed by my physician, Dr Landman, to start using a nebulizer with Xopenex if I even imagine I am getting a cold to help prevent having to resort to using Predisone due to my asthma. When our friend brought us some PureBiotic Mist - Allergy Free Spray, it was hard to believe it would work, but in just a few days after, I started to feel better and stopped coughing all the time and started sleeping well. By January, I was feeling like normal people do and stopped using most of my medications. I now have been using this product for many months and have no wheezing or coughing and no sinus infections anymore.

Thank You!

Sharon (North Miami Beach, FL)

Terrible Chronic Skin Problems For 15 Years Relieved With Probiotic Mist

I have suffered from a chronic undiagnosed skin condition that causes horrible itching that has been attacking me for some 15 years now. Each attack lasted months. During these attacks, which can last for months at a time, the extreme itching is a 24 hour a day problem so I'd get very little or no sleep at all.
I have been to doctors all over the country praying for a cure, but never with any decent results. I was even on anti-depressants to reduce the strain on my life. I was even taking 2 hour baths each day with some kind of special solution to try and quell the problem. Upon hearing about these products from my brother, I immediately asked to try the spray. We sprayed my arms first to see if these liquid probiotics might help - and in less than 5 minutes the itching on my arm was gone!
I was so thrilled, that I had to use it immediately all over my body in all the other areas that itched - the Chrisal kept taking away all the pain and itching. We spray my bed and favorite chair every three days. Within days of starting to use PureBiotics, I no longer have any of the itching, which is a miracle for me - and now I am totally drug-free of all my other medications!

Thank you so much, 

Rose (NMB)